Safe Place Scheme

29th February 2016

Safe Place Scheme

The Safe Place Scheme was launched in Grimsby on the 20th November, 2015 and hosted by Care4all at Café Vintage.  The scheme has already been successful in Hull’s St Stephens shopping centre, and is now being rolled out across the rest of the Humberside Police region.

The Safe Place national scheme is designed to help vulnerable people, including those with dementia or a learning disability, who can become lost and confused or can easily become targets for harassment or bullying.

Those who choose to join the free scheme will be given a personalised card with their details and who to contact if they need support.  The card will also have police contact numbers for an emergency and non-emergency situations.

Businesses and companies that are involved in the scheme have stickers placed in windows to show that they are a safe place to go if vulnerable individuals are feeling lost, scared and confused whilst out.

Chief Superintendent Scott Young from Humberside Police said “we want to enrich the lives of those people who feel vulnerable, by ensuring that there are safe places for people to go to, when they go out into their community”

Click here to view the promotional video for Hull Safer Place scheme.

For further information or to become involved in the scheme please contact Jo Avery on 01472 322426 or email