Onto pastures new!

One of Care4all’s supported employees is moving onto pastures new after working six years as a catering assistant within Care4all.  Tracey Egen is one of our longest serving members of supported staff and has always been a dedicated, hardworking and friendly member of staff.

Tracey started working for Care4all in 2011 at our café in Queen Street and then went on to become an established member of Cafe4, which is based at Freshney Green medical centre.  Here she blossomed into a confident and productive member of the team, and often pre-empted the orders that were coming in!

Tracey’s family is moving to Norfolk and this is the only reason she is leaving, she loves her job and her favourite part of the job is serving the customers.  Once she has settled into her new home, she will be looking for a new job as a catering assistant and we know that whoever she works for will benefit greatly from having her on their team.

Tracey said, “Care4all is a brilliant charity to work for and the people are great to work for, I will miss all of my work mates and customers!”

Phil Gittens, Catering Assistant said, “She’s like a piece of coal, when put under pressure she turns into a diamond!”

We wish Tracey all the best for the future and will miss her friendly face and helpful demeanour.  If you would like to know more about our supported employment opportunities, visit www.care4all.org.uk or call 01472 322426.