Hub in the Park

Grimsby’s Grant Thorold Community Hub and Library is set to undergo major improvements following the award of a massive Lottery grant worth more than £270,000 grant.

The Your Community Hub Community Interest Group, owners of the Gingerbread House at Humberston Library have received the funding of £274,500, from The Big Lottery Fund, in order to renovate the library, and are looking for as much input as possible from the local community, so that they can best provide exactly what the community wants.

Nathan Taylor, from The Your Community Hub CIC, was thrilled that the lottery fund had chosen to support this new community venture, highlighting that the remarkable work that had been done at the Gingerbread House was a key factor in securing the grant, and he hopes that he can replicate its success at the Grant Thorold Library.

Nathan plans to operate the same style of service at the Grant Thorold Library that customers experience in Humberston, however due to the added help of the Care4All staff at the library they will be able to offer additional services.  And he is now looking for the local community to pitch in ideas about what they want to see available for them at the library.

Nathan said: “I am so pleased that we have managed to receive this support so that we can now open up a second venue, that I am sure can become just as successful as the Gingerbread House, and we are hoping that we can begin setting about doing work as soon as January 30, with hopes to have the renovation fully complete by May half term.

“The award of this grant is not just great for the library, but for the local community as a whole, and we want everyone to come to us with their suggestions and ideas, no matter how far-fetched they feel they might be, and we will see if we are able to accommodate them in our new layout.

“This new facility will have huge benefits to the local community as well, because we are not just providing a hub for people to come and socialise, we will be creating jobs, and investing into the local economy, where unlike a chain, all the money will remain firmly within the community,”

The renovations to the Grant Thorold Library will include the creation of a new tea/coffee lounge, extra work and seating space, as well as a full refurbishment of the building itself, with the team setting aside provisions for anything else that the community feels is important for the library to provide.

Nathan was also excited about the prospect of working alongside the Care4All team at the library, who saved it from closure 18 months ago.

He said: “This grant further cements the synergy between Your Community Hub CIC and Care4All at Grant Thorold, and without this partnership from Care4All the amenity would have been closed for the past 18 months.

“We are now both looking forward to building on our relationship and bringing these services and exciting amenities to life over the next 6 months.”

This press release is courtesy of the Grimsby Telegraph.

For further information about the developments of the Grant Thorold Community Hub and Library, please call 01472 322426 or visit