Extra REPS for Care4all

Extra hard work was put in by the Laceby Circuits Team this month, as they raised money for Care4all by completing a 15,000 repetition challenge.  The sponsored event took place on the 18th February at Laceby village hall and took the team a total of two hours to complete.

Members of the Laceby Circuits group have been exercising together for over a year now and wanted an incentive to encourage the group to push themselves further regarding their fitness levels. What better way than to raise money for a local charity.

Care4all was an obvious choice as the charity is close to the heart of Aron Smith who runs the Laceby Circuits group. The group rose over £300 and completed a brilliant 19,000 reps in total on the day.

Aron Rogan said, “All of the members of our team, work so hard in our sessions, but they went the extra mile in this event and smashed through our original target of 15,000 reps! I’m really proud of what they have achieved and the fact that we raised money as well, really shows how committed these guys are”

Jo Barnes, Chief Executive of Care4all and member of the team, said, “We are truly grateful to the team for all their hard effort, we are always trying to find new ways to raise funds for Care4all and this was certainly one to remember!”

For more information about Care4all and how you can donate to our charity, please visit www.care4all.org.uk or call 01472 322426.