Care4all Living our Lives service makes a difference

Care4all, the local charity which supports hundreds of vulnerable people through its range of services, makes a huge difference to people’s lives through the provision of their Living our Lives Service, which enables people with a disability to live independently with support. Care4all currently support five people with complex needs in three separate houses. Each home provides 24 hour support for the people living there and enables them to live the life that they choose.

Care4all have recently started to provide support to Josh, who previously lived in residential accommodation; however, Josh wanted to live on his own and Care4all enabled that to happen.  After discussions with both Josh and his mother Marie, Care4all sourced and agreed tenancy on a flat for Josh to live in. Care4all then recruited a team of support workers to support Josh.

Throughout the whole process which included liaising with different services; Josh has been at the centre of every decision made, including Josh and his mother meeting and having an input upon who was employed to support him in everyday life.

Marie said,

“Care4all have made such a positive impact upon our lives; before Josh moved, I was responsible for managing his whole life.  Care4all have removed all of the stress and not only helped Josh to move, but have even helped furnish his flat!  One of the most important points about this whole experience is that with Care4all’s support, it is all about what is right for Josh rather than criteria.  Josh has been included in all of the decisions about this stage of his life, such as who works with him and what daily activities he would like to do.  I know that if I have any questions, I have a direct line to the management team, who are both approachable and very experienced.  Josh has settled in very well and this is due to the planning and inclusion of Josh in every decision made”

Josh said,

“I am happy in my new flat and enjoy working with the staff.  I have more choice in what I want to do.  Care4all has helped me to live the life I   want to live”

Bruce Elwood, Living our Lives Team Manager said,

“Our service is about putting people in control of their support and we enable people to live their life in a way that they want to lead.”

If you would like any further information about the Living our Lives Service, please contact Claire Cottingham on 01472 322426 or via

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