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Care4all also consists of a number of social businesses united under the same philosophy—to create real employment opportunities for local people with disabilities. Any profits made are reinvested back into the organisation to develop the business further.

Our social businesses:

  • Café4 – Our cafe based at Freshney Green Primary Care Centre.
  • Buffet Service – our quality, cost-effective catering solution to business meetings, open days, parties and other events.
  • Textile Bank Recycling – a number of textile banks located across North East Lincolnshire that collect donations from the public.
  • Grant Thorold Community Library – In partnership with Your Community Hub, we run the Community Library on Durban Road.

Each of these unique enterprises provide real employment opportunities to local people with disabilities in a range of different roles, retail, catering and administration. The jobs they create improve lives through helping to enhance people’s self-esteem and confidence by being included in society.

You can support us by shopping with us or by volunteering to join our team and give some of your time to one of our enterprises.


For further information on any of our social businesses please contact Care4all:

Grant Thorold Community Library
Durban Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN32 8BX
Telephone: (01472) 322426