Volunteers needed!

A local Councillor is appealing for volunteers to help develop a community garden into an inviting place for residents to come and experience nature.

East Marsh Councillor Stephen Beasant, along with the Care4all team at the Grant Thorold Community Hub and Library are hoping to bring in local volunteers to help develop the Buffalo Bill’s Pocket Park, seeking those with gardening, painting and joinery skills so that the park can become a place where the community can come “to experience the feel of nature and relax and have a picnic.”

Councillor Beasant said: “Councillor Kay Rudd and I have been involved in helping to develop the park here at the Grant Thorold Library, and we are really hoping that we can turn it into somewhere special and enjoyable for all of the community.

“We are appealing to anyone who has some time to spare to come down and see if they can help us with building fences, painting flower beds and bird feeders, planting flowers and generally keeping up with the daily maintenance, while it is not necessary, those with painting and woodworking skills would be much appreciated.

“We would also like to appeal to any local businesses who may want to come down and help us with our project, as a community project like this does not fund itself, and if anyone would be able to help us out by donating any equipment and resources we would be very thankful, because the Care4all team here just don’t have the kind of funding that would cover the purchase of any gardening tools.”

Annette Doyle, Care4all development and support employee co-ordinator, highlighted that coming down and volunteering at the library can be a fantastic addition to anybody’s CV or UCAS form, if they are trying to gain employment or a place in university.

Annette said: “We have a number of volunteers here at the library, who do some really terrific work and help us out, but we are always keen to have more people come down, and make this community hub even busier.”

“The volunteering work can be really good experience for people, as the job that they would be doing here are all very varied.”

“We would also like to encourage local schools to come down and use the facilities that we have here at the library for any activities or projects that they may be doing, with the upcoming RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, being a perfect opportunity, among many for local schoolchildren to come down and see the variety of nature that comes down to the park.”

If you would like to volunteer or donate resources to the Grant Thorold Community Hub andLibrary to help them with their project please contact them on 01472 322426 or email annette.doyle@care4all.org.uk.